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CIW Certifications

CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional) is the leading vendor-neutral industry standard for Webmaster certification that offers specific IT career paths for students and professionals of all ages. CIW certifications validate the skills and competency of entry-level as well as experienced Internet professionals working in the IT field. uCertify is the official partner of CIW. The CIW certification program provides foundational standards and job skills that enable the professionals work in the fields, including Web design, development, administration, networking, databases, and security. CIW Certifications have earned significant industry and governmental recognition for delivering requisite skills for careers in both IT and management leadership. CIW certifications are divided into four different categories:

  • Web Design
  • Web Security
  • Web Foundation
  • Web Development

uCertify offers courses for the following CIW certifications:

CIW Web Security Series Certification

CIW Web Security Series Certification is designed for the professionals who want to excel their career in the field of IT security such as System Administrators, Network server administrators to validate the knowledge and skills of understanding of security policies and implementing them. CIW Web Security Series certification proves the level of expertise and demonstrates that you have the technical skills and knowledge to manage and protect the security of online data, from a single computer to an entire corporate network.

CIW Web Foundations Series Certification

CIW Web Foundations Series Certification is a vendor neutral, entry-level credential. CIW Web Foundations Series certification teaches and validates more than mere digital literacy skills and the certification is ideal for all students and professionals who use the Internet on the job. CIW Associates have basic knowledge of Internet technologies, network infrastructure, and Web authoring using XHTML.

CIW Web Development Series Certification

CIW Web Development Series Certification is suitable for the individuals who want to excel career in Web and IT technologies. CIW Web Development Series certification exam offers the essential combination of a front-end scripting language, a back-end programming language and the skills to integrate them with a database. CIW Web Development Series certification helps you build knowledge and help you gain specialization in the area such as JavaScript, Perl or databases.

CIW Web and Mobile Design Series Certification

CIW Web and Mobile Design Series Certification is designed for Web designers, Web and graphic artists, Internet consultants, IT, marketing, and business professionals. CIW Web and Mobile Design Series certification proves the competency of the candidates in developing and maintaining Websites using authoring and scripting languages, content creation, digital media, and much more.

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{"image":"","link":"https:\/\/\/@kenzdozz\/a-review-of-ucertify-javascript-specialist-v2-0-3b0f8162cbe0","desig":"Contractor","org":"IMKO Workforce Solutions","comment":"The JavaScript Specialist v2.0 course contains rich contents. It started from JavaScript introduction, and comprehensively explained every aspect of the programming language including Variables and Data types, functions, methods, events, control flow, JavaScript DOM, Objects, Hoisting, Closures and more. It teaches modern JavaScript having examples and code snippets written in ES6 standard."}
Kenneth Chidozie Onah
{"image":"","link":"https:\/\/\/pulse\/ucertify-javascript-course-review-marianna-janczak\/","desig":"Front end developer","org":"APPLICA.AI","comment":"Recently I've had a chance to go through the course \"CIW: JavaScript Specialist v2.0\", at uCertify. Overall, the course is full of valuable information, presented in an accessible way.\r\n\r\nOne of the nice features is a great preliminary test for skill assessment, telling you the areas you should focus on."}
Marianna Janczak
{"image":"","link":"https:\/\/\/pulse\/ciw-web-design-specialist-hayk-simonyan\/","desig":"Full Stack Developer","org":"ArtCoding","comment":"I strongly recommend this course to the students willing to learn web designing. The course will help you pass the CIW 1D0-520 exam with its learning resources."}
Hayk Simonyan