Student Area

    1. How to sign up at uCertify   
    2. How to login at uCertify   
  1. Pay only for components of your choice   
  2. How to archive course or section     
  3. How to link with your instructor   
  4. How to manage profile   
  5. Study planner and its use   
  6. How to attempt the Flashcards and its use  
  7. How to bookmark, confidence, and notes   
  8. How to annotate  
  9. How to manage settings  
  10. Dashboard and its feature   
  11. Interactive Transcripts and its use  
  12. How to search titles   
  13. How to access activities of a lab  
  14. Practice tests and its use   
  15. PrepEngine Beta and its use   
  16. Graded Assessments and its use  
  17. How to get certificate of completion  
  18. Result page and its use   
  19. Test History and Performance Analytics   
  20. Glossary and its use  
  21. How to access assessments   
  22. How to create custom test  
  23. How to group courses in My Library   
  24. How to change password of your account