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Our platform, your name
Add your logo, get the customized domain, and feel to cater to your customers.

Customized Domain

Take your content online & on mobile
Publishers’ content is customizable even for mobile devices as per the user needs and outcomes.

Content online and on mobile

Make your static content interactive effortlessly
See static content coming to life. Add a few tags and you will be delivering interactive courses in no time.

Make static content interactive

Conversion of traditional courses to online
So, you are considering offering online versions of your courses, but are not sure where to start? uCertify offers conversion services at a very reasonable cost to migrate most paper-based textbook/curriculum conversion to online learning.

Conversion of traditional course to online

Add a revenue stream
Add your product to our catalog and earn royalties.

Revenue Stream

Real-time Feedback for Publishers
Get real-time feedback on the courses.

Real-time feedback

Cater to your community and create a revenue stream
Offer our courses to your community and add a revenue stream.

Cater to your community and create a revenue stream