HTML5-CSS3 : Beginning HTML5 and CSS3

Enhance your coding skills by learning the latest versions of coding languages HTML5 and CSS3 with the Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 course. Everyday we work with web designers who are held back by not having a solid understanding of these core technologies. The course covers the essential knowledge related to coding and provides skills in HTML5, CSS3, New structural elements, transformation, transition, animation, and many more. The course gives you the real-world experience with the help of interactive lessons, labs, test-preps, exercises, and lot more learning resources.

Here's what you will get

Glossary of terms
Test prep
Pre-assessment Questions
Full Length Tests
Post-Assessment Questions

Here's what you will learn

  • Basic tenets
  • How was HTML5 created?
  • HTML5 moving forward!
  • HTML5 design principles
  • A dozen myths about HTML5
  • Summary
  • Homework review
  • It's all in the head
  • A Hello World! journey
  • Supporting HTML5 cross-browser
  • An HTML5 boilerplate page
  • Validation
  • Revisiting Miss Baker
  • Summary
  • Homework
  • Workflow practices, evolving?
  • A brave new semantic dawn
  • Structural building blocks: <div>, <section>, and <article>
  • Headings: <header>, <hgroup>, and <h1>-<h6>, plus <footer>
  • The HTML5 outlining algorithm
  • HTML5-style heading element levels
  • Even more structural elements: <nav>, <aside>, <figure> (and <figcaption>)
  • Putting it all together
  • Accessibility and HTML5
  • Summary
  • Homework
  • Further Reading
  • Baking the best cake we possibly can
  • Ex-presentational elements and friends
  • Block-level links with the <a> element
  • Other elements with minor changes from HTML 4
  • New semantic elements
  • Extending HTML5
  • Summary
  • The case for Flash
  • Video the HTML5 way
  • Audio
  • Canvas
  • SVG
  • Summary
  • Homework
  • HTML5 forms
  • Web applications
  • The glorious dawn of the age of the standards-ba...d of compliant browsers, on a variety of devices
  • Homework: Mark up the Join Gordo's Space Cadets form using the new markup covered
  • A Refresher on the importance of web standards
  • CSS 1, CSS 2.1, CSS3 ...
  • Is CSS3 ready?
  • The benefits of CSS3
  • CSS basics refresher
  • CSS shorthand
  • The cascade, specificity, and inheritance
  • CSS organization and maintenance
  • Browser support, vendor prefixes, polyfills, and progressive enhancement
  • Feature detection and polyfills
  • Summary
  • Homework
  • Appendix: CSS3 Module Status
  • Selectors rundown
  • CSS3 selectors
  • Browser support
  • Selectors of the future
  • Summary
  • Homework
  • Appendix
  • The web of many devices
  • The Visual Formatting Model of CSS it's boxes all the way down!
  • CSS3 layouts
  • Conclusion
  • Further reading
  • Homework
  • Typeface and fonts
  • Anatomy of type
  • A brief history of web type
  • Text as image
  • sIFR
  • Cufón
  • SVG fonts
  • @font-face
  • Finding web fonts
  • Baselines
  • Designing with a grid
  • Baseline grid in summary
  • Fun with web type
  • Control the quote glyphs
  • Summary
  • Further Reading
  • Color and transparency
  • Backgrounds
  • Borders
  • Drop shadows
  • Gradients
  • Detecting support and helping other browsers
  • Summary
  • Homework
  • Translate, rotate, scale, skew, transform: 2D and 3D CSS transforms
  • CSS transitions and CSS animations: compare and contrast
  • CSS transitions: bling in 4D!
  • Keyframin' with CSS animations
  • Further Reading
  • Hardware acceleration and CSS performance
  • Internationalization
  • Go forth and make awesome
  • Appendix: essential links
  • Training Videos of HTML
  • Training Videos of CSS
Beginning HTML5 and CSS3
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